Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Inspired by spell duels, Quake Arena/Champions, Car Wars, X-Crawl, the thunderdome, Gladiator movies, and Harley's Enter the Dagon! The next issue of Crawl! will feature rules, tables, and scenarios for running death matches and arena combat!

Image stolen from the internet. It's a Frazetta if you're wonderin'.

Accepting submissions NOW!!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Character Sheets!

Yes! The official Character Record Sheets for Crawl! no. 6 and 10 character classes are NOW AVAILABLE!!! Designed by +Richard Smith, they're included free with your purchase of no. 6 and 10, you should have received an email with download information. (Check with your OBS or Gumroad digital libraries for the appropriate files.)

They're also available separately as PWYW PDF downloads on OBS and Gumroad.

Get them at Gumroad & RPGnow

Get them at Gumroad & RPGnow

Monday, October 24, 2016

Print Editions Available At Goodman Games

All issues of Crawl! is available at the Goodman Games Online Store! Your one-stop shop for Goodman Games goodness.

P.S. Still also available directly from me, see the BUY NOW links up top!
P.P.S. PDFs are still free with proof of purchase of the PRINT editions. (info.)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crawl! no.12 : Available Now!

If the above breaks, you can visit: Print+PDF @ Gumroad
PDF Edition is available here: PDF Only @ Gumroad, and will be available at all the usual locations (OBS, etc.) soon!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Character Sheets

We need custom character sheets for the classes in Crawl! no.6 and no.10. Does anyone know someone that can design them? I personally would prefer them to be in the style of the original (plain, B/X D&D looking ones), but fancy illustrated/illuminated versions would be nifty too. Also prefer the ability scores in the original order (i.e., Luck after Intelligence.)

Any volunteers?

Let me know!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

#12 The Luck Check Issue

I've been thinking about the next issue. Luck checks. It'l1l be a zine full of Luck checks. Any, all, you-name-it. One of the vaguest rules in DCC RPG is the Luck check. Some call for DCs. Some roll under (the official rules allude to this, kinda...) Some do a bit of both. When I edit the official modules and adventures, I typically ditch the DC, and let the judge decide (publisher and authors haven't revolted yet.) I think we should ditch both, and use tables! A table for "Rolling over the body", and a table for "What's in the barrel", etc. A table for... Heck, a general "Who..." table. Any Luck based checks. I want to dig up modules, and find all the Luck checks, and create a custom table for it.

Got an idea? Submit it! The possibilities!...

And, how about this? For now on, all Luck checks in DCC RPG should be table based.