Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Yeah! Have a one-sheet.

Full size one-sheets available for download in Color and B/W. Print and post at your FLGS!


The first issue currently being edited and in lay-out at the same time. Probably not the best way to produce a professional magazine, but pretty typical for the seat of yo pants style of a zine. But it's looking amazing. This first zine features art and a new patron from folks in my weekly gaming group. The rest of the zine is filled out with articles by me. The premier issue is mostly a proof of concept, but it doesn't mean the stuff in it isn't good. Most everything in there is being used in my regular game. The patron was designed by the player of the first Wizard in the party, it's himself in the future! Sounds nuts, I know, but the concept is great. That's him on the cover, btw. Ironically the PC met with death a while back. So how is this future self of a dead character a patron? You'd have to ask him yourself by invoking him. He's insane, so I wouldn't do it personally. Also in the debut issue are tips on running a more pulp style Sword & Sorcery campaign--omitting demi-humans, clerics and giving everyone access to a simplified version of thief skills. There are also tips and tricks for using Old-School spells, as-is, on-the-fly. I'm telling you good stuff in a little package. Well I think so, anyway.

Fan material! Ok, so I'm not sure how I want to handle submissions. I want them. I want to put your ideas, anecdotes, tips, tricks, magic items, spells, patrons, and house rules in my little zine. I don't see myself personally filling out every issue, so I need contributions. But I want your best stuff only. Only stuff that you use yourself. Art, comics, stories, character stats & write-ups are good too though!

The heart of this zine is to share.

Publishers! I'm sure lots of your stuff gets cut from your releases, maybe some updates and errata? I think there'll be room for that stuff too.

Reviews! Of course. A ton of OSR releases are 99% compatible with DCC RPG, not to mention all the 3rd Party adventures & supplements coming out the moment DCC RPG is released. There will totally be room for product reviews!

Post comments below, or contact me directly if you have an awesome idea for the zine. I want this zine to be a staple (a zine pun!) for the DIY DCC RPG community, and it can totally be that if everyone joins in on the fun.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Coming Soon!

Welcome to the home of Crawl! A fanzine for Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. What I hope to bring you is a little magazine full of goodness that you can add to your game.

Fanzines, or zines for short, go back to the very roots of the hobby. One could say that the very first RPG, Dungeons & Dragons, was very much a zine. They were homemade, self-published, and were the product of someone's imagination and love.

The same goes for this zine. It's goals are to collect and share ideas, tips and tricks, to make your game as awesome as it can be. What about websites & blogs, you say? They're nice and all, but nothing beats a physical book in your hand, no matter how small or low budget they seem. What also can't be beat is the approach-ability of a fan-made, independently produced...thing. It might not be as slick as the big guys, but that's not the point. It's about form and function. The point is to create an outlet for everyday creative minds to put out and share their ideas for, in my opinion, the best Role Playing Game out right now.

This project is very personal and I hope to have more submissions that I can possibly publish in my lifetime. This zine, like the DCC RPG is for Joseph Goodman, is a dream for me. And I hope you enjoy it. For now here's a sneak peek at a mock-up of the premier issue.