Friday, March 2, 2012

A Little Teaser

Take a peek at some early art! This is from one of the players in my weekly campaign. She wants to be credited by her character's name, which is Count Spatula*. This is her first foray into D&D style art, and it's pretty amazing for a "first timer". First timer isn't actually true in any sense, since she's a professional artist and her art is a bit more mainstream and abstract. But I put out a request for some "D&D Art" for the zine, this is just one of the pieces she sent me. The others are even better! Sorry, but you have to pick up the zine to see the rest!

*No matter how serious you are when you demand no stupid names, you get them any way. I was pretty adamant about stupid names, but I still got a Count Spatula, a Jingles and Master Bater. No respect I tell you, I still love them though.

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