Monday, April 2, 2012

Pre-sale Now Available!

Click on the Pre-Sale link on the right, or here, to pre-order your copy of Crawl! fanzine No.1 now! Subscriptions are also available, just scroll to the bottom. We're taking Google Checkout, Paypal and Dwolla payments. The Google and Paypal checkouts should be familiar to everyone, just make sure you select the correct Shipped to: destination. Dwolla purchases are unusual, but they're just as secure if not more secure, and for a limited time you can save 25 cents, or $1 for each 6-month subscription! Just follow the specific directions below the "Buy Now" buttons for Dwolla purchases.

Please remember that the zine can't be sent until after DCC RPG officially goes on sale. Unfortunately I don't have an ETA for that.

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