Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back on schedule!

A quick note while I get all my crap in order:

All orders that came in this weekend have shipped! I really appreciate all the support.

Special Gold Metal Editions are officially sold out! I was able to sneak in a couple to random orders last week. There might be a copy at the two FLGSs I've previously mentioned.

Reviews are starting to come in! http://crawlfanzine.blogspot.com/p/reviews.html I appreciate them all and especially the constructive criticism!

Art for Issue n.2 is starting to come in and they look fantastic! Teasers in a few days.

And one final note...

CHECK THIS OUT!: http://purplesorcerer.com/crawler/ It's an online dice-roller and table reference for DCC RPG! Pretty amazing.


  1. I did a review too if you want to add to the list of links. Take a look:


    1. Oooh! Thanks! I'll add you to the main list!

  2. Ordered. Looking forward to it. I play tested DCC, but haven't bought the main rules yet. Got your zine first.