Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Weekend 2012!

PARTY!!! (Adventuring party, that is...)

So I technically sold out of the first printing of Crawl! I can't believe it. I had to make two runs to the printers to fulfill orders that came in the last couple days. I'm stoked. Crawl! is officially successful as far as I'm concerned. I'm going to celebrate by running Sailors of the Starless Sea tonight for my gaming group. Then starting Friday I'm going to Gamex 2012 and run some DCC RPG each night. I'll have copies of Crawl! on hand. I might have a couple of those "black" copies left. We'll see. If you buy one from me, I'll give you printed copy of the Aplus's Reference Sheets with my version of the cover in yellow card-stock. Deal? So I hope to see some of you there. Don't be afraid to find my table during my time slot (8PM Friday & Saturday) and say hi or buy a copy of Crawl!

On that note, I'll be gone all weekend, so I won't be able to ship any orders until after Monday. Sorry!

Time to get ready for tonight's game. And until everyone gets here, it's time to listen to some Metalcast.


  1. My copy of Crawl! came in the mail on Wed. and it is just too sweet. I appreciate all of your work on this, and can't wait for the next issue. I also love your cover work on the Ref. sheets complete with Roslof art. I printed up a few copies of the booklets with various colored covers to pass out on Free RPG Day:

    1. Excellent! Having different colors looks really cool. I'm glad you like what I've done, it's been a bit of work, but mostly fun.

  2. My copy was also waiting for me when I went out this evening for dinner. Many thanks for making those trips to the post office before the weekend!

  3. I posted a review of CRAWL! #1 on the Acaeum here:

  4. Thank you for the review! I appreciate all the comments.