Wednesday, June 6, 2012

DCC RPG Kickstarters!

It's obvious that I'm a huge fan of DCC RPG, therefore I want the game to succeed. And it's pretty clear that a game's success is dependent on support. Support that comes from the fans and from the original developer being the most apparent. But support from third party publishers also helps. The amount of 3rd Party support that DCC RPG has gathered has been fantastic. I'd argue that amount of 3rd party products a game has directly reflects its success. DCC RPG has had several out the gate!

Now two more DCC RPG related products are currently on Kickstarter: Tales from the Fallen Empire, a sword & sorcery campaign setting and Appendix N Adventure Toolkits, a series of DCC RPG advenuture modules.
(And these are the only ones that've been announced...)

Appendix N has quadrupled its goal, Fallen Empire has a bit to go. But I'm sure it'll be met. also been funded! They're both really cool additions to your DCC RPG collection and could easily be used in any existing campaign. I know they'd work in mine.

What's Tales from the Fallen Empire?
"Tales" is a complete and detailed campaign set in a post-apocalypic world of ancient Sorcerer Kings and rising empires.

What makes it cool?
Six new classes, new spells inspired by Babylonian & Egyption mythology, survival & scrounging rules, and a 0-level adventure. Even if I don't use the setting as written, there is enough crunch to add to my game that would make this worthwhile. 

What's Appendix N Adventure Toolkit?
The toolkits are DCC RPG adventures that can be plugged into any DCC RPG campaign. 

What makes it cool?
So far it's up to 3 adventures! They'll be printed adventures, but include the PDF. They'll have several player handouts included and they'll be in the small but sweet, 8.5 x 5.5" format. If the pledges get high enough, they'll include a box!

I totally dig both products, and I seriously want them. I'm not sure I can afford everything, but if I could, I would support them in an instant. Looks like really good stuff. I also want to support these, and all other 3PP materials in my zine! (Hear that fans?)

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  1. I am following and will be backing both of these products. Both seem like quality entries that would be great additions to any DCC arsenal.