Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New DCC RPG Class Challenge!

An upcoming issue of Crawl! will feature new class options for DCC RPG! But to decide which classes to include I want to have the DCC RPG community help decide. The challenge has 4 stages. The first one begins with the proposal & suggestion stage, BRAINSTORM! So if there is a particular class you want to see in Crawl! make it known over at the forums:

Because of the number of possibilities, I hope to see several issues focused on new classes. So for this first one, I'd like to focus "classic" classes. 

The next stage will be a poll of the best suggestions, and the top 5 classes will be picked. And a call out for submissions will be made for each class.

Finally, they'll be critiqued and judged by the community, and a final poll will pick the best interpretation of each class.

Format suggestions are welcome on this thread:

Good luck, but most of all, have fun and be creative!

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