Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No.2, Introduction

While I work on No.3, I though I'd share the introduction to No.2!

Stuff of Legends

Welcome to the Loot! Issue. This issue is focused on one thing, stuff!
This issue introduces a simple Random Treasure Generator, Items
of Note,  Lucky Items, suggestions on rewarding Magic Items and
Legendary Items. A lot of the stuff I write is Judge-centric. I am the
DM after all. And most of the materials I create are genuinely for
me to use at the table as a Judge. But have no fear, there is stuff for
everyone! Also included in this issue are some new rules for Shields
and  Helmets  and  expanded  Adventurer  Equipment  and  Weapon
lists written by Colin Chapman. This issue also has our first feature
to support a third party campaign setting, a merchant by Jon Marr
from The Sunken City.

Treasure,  especially Magic Items,  are  a touchy subject.  Long time
players of D&D  are  used to  mundane,  or generic,  magic.  But that
kind  of magic  doesn't  exist  in  this  game.  It’ll  help  to  make  that
absolutely clear before starting the your DCC RPG campaign. I find
it easily reinforced by making all Magic dangerous, and therefore
less  desirable.  This  is  easy  to  do  when  you  have  an  aggressive
wizard  that  has  become  horribly  corrupted.  Then  again,  Magic
Items are so cool! When you use a lot of Old-School adventures, you
come across magic items that you feel obligated to reward. They’re
everywhere. But don’t. Replace them with Items of Note and Lucky
Items.   Items  of  Note  are   valuable   items,   noteworthy,   but  not
necessarily magic. Lucky Items are similar, but give players a taste
of unpredictable power at a cost, specifically luck. The fun thing is a
Lucky  Item  can  become  a  Magic  Item  through  legendary  deeds-
Legendary Items.  Imagine  your character using a  lucky sword to
cut  off the  hand  of an  ancient  god.  This  sword   can  become  the
Bane  of Ancient God.  Instead of inventing the  history of a  Magic
Item, you create it! Treasure will be modest in DCC RPG, but it can
be more valuable if it is significant beyond just gold value.

Keep treasure awesome!

Reverend Dak

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