Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Oooh, bad news.

For reasons beyond my control, Crawl! fanzine number 4 won't be available this week. I failed my check on this one. I hoped to have it on sale, and subscriptions shipped by today. That's not going to happen. I'll be out of town for the rest of week. I'm going to my annual camping trip to The Thing In The Desert...

To hold you off until I get back next week, here's a teaser for #4:

Hargn The River Dragon

The   shimmering   river   near   Thorum   is   named   after   its   equally shimmering  inhabitant,  the  dragon  Hargn.  Hargn  tends  to  keep  tohimself. He would rather enjoy the fish of the river than be bothered by land loving mortals. When in water, Hargn is virtually invisible and is  never  seen.  If encountered  out  of the  water,  he  appears  as  long tailed fishlike creature with scales of a silvery green pearlescent sheen. He walks on four legs, with each ending in large emerald like claws.

This dragon typically keeps to himself. He considers humanoids as any other  fauna,  they're  either  food  or  play  things.  There  is  a  1  in  20 chance that Hargn will be hungry and a 1 in 10 chance that Hargn will want to play. And by play, he likes to grab his play thing and bat it into the air with his tail. This tail slap can send a man sized creature flying 10 feet for every 5 points of damage taken. If attacked, Hargn will be highly aggressive and will fight to the death. Otherwise he will ignore the interlopers and disappear into his river.

Hargn, the river dragon: Init +8; Atk +11, 2 claws (dmg 1d8), bite (dmg 1d12), tail slap (dmg 1d20); AC 23; HD 8d12; hp 48; MV 50’ or swim 100'; Atk 4d20; SP Breath weapon, Spells, Amphibious, Fast Reflexes, Water passage, Wall of mist; SV Fort +8, Ref +12, Will +8; AL C.

Breath, Sleep Gas: Twice per day, Hargn can breath a cloud of sleep gas with a radius of 1d4 x 10' up to 60' away. All caught in the cloud must make a DC 18 Fort save or fall asleep for 1d6 hours.

Spell, Cause Fear: Spell Check d20+4; 11 or less, failure and lost. 12 or more, target flees for 1d3 rounds. (Fumble, caster flees for 1d4 rounds. Critical, target flees for 1d3 turns.) Will save vs Spell Check.

Spell, Magic Shield: Spell Check d20+4; 11 or less, failure and loss. 12 or more, caster gains +4 AC for 2d6 rounds. (Fumble, caster is blown back 10’ and knocked prone, taking 1d4 damage. Critical, caster gains +4 AC for 1d4 turns, automatically blocks Magic Missiles & mundane attacks.)

Spell,  Magic Net:  Spell Check d20+4; 11 or less, failure and lost.  12  or 13, failure, 14 or more,  a  shimmering net  fills  a  10  cu.  ft.  area  for 1d6 hours. Movement within the area is halved if using magic weapons, or strength check (DC 18)  to  break through the netting.  (Fumble,  caster becomes  wound  up  in  a  net,  strength  check  (DC  15)  to  break  free. Critical, up to 20 cu. ft. area.)

Water  Passage:  At  any time,  Hargn  can  move  into  or  pass  through water without leaving a wake or splash. Effectively becoming invisible in water.

Wall of Mist: Once an hour, Hargn can summon a wall of mist.  The wall is up to 100’ x 20’ x 100’. Within the mist, targets suffer -4 to all attacks and move at half speed.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some Coffee with your Zine?

A hip micro roaster in LA carries copies of my zines, including my first "non"-D&D zine, Karaoke Hell. You should check them out. They have limited "tasting" hours where you can visit Scope Bar, their garage coffee bar. To find out when the bar is open, you have to follow their Twitter or Facebook. Or you can order their coffee and request to have one of my zines added to the order!

Reminder: Signed Copies of Crawl!...

...can be won or purchased from Harley Stroh at Gen Con Indy 2012:

But you have to find him! To help you out, here's his gaming schedule:

RPG1231217 Goodman Games Blades Against Death 8/17/12 10:00 8/17/12 14:00
RPG1231223 Goodman Games Fate's Fell Hand 8/17/12 16:00 8/17/12 20:00
RPG1231218 Goodman Games Blades Against Death 8/18/12 10:00 8/18/12 14:00
RPG1231224 Goodman Games Fate's Fell Hand 8/18/12 16:00 8/18/12 20:00

At other times, chances are good he'll hanging out with Doug Kovaks in the Artists Alley...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bonus! A Tiny Extra for Crawl! #2

[Here's a little extra shared by Colin Chapman on the Goodman Games forums - Rev. Dak]

Web Supplement for Crawl #2

For folks who nabbed Crawl! #2 and use my expanded equipment article, here's a tiny extra. When rolling for the piece of free extra "adventuring" equipment a 0-level character starts with, roll a d30 instead of a d24, and add the following results to those on page 73 of DCC RPG Core Rules:

25. Blanket, Wool - 5sp
26. Cooking Pot, Small - 5sp
27. Shovel (staff) - 2sp
28. Signal Whistle - 4sp
29. Spyglass, x4 mag. - 25gp
30. Twine, 100-ft. - 1sp



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Monday, August 13, 2012

Crawl! fanzine at Gen Con!... (kinda)

Harley Stroh, writer and lead adventure coordinator for DCC RPG, has offered to lug a box full of Crawl! zines around Gen Con! So what does that mean? It means you can purchase copies from him or if you're daring, you can try and win a copy! All three current issues will be available, as will a few printed copies of Jeremy Deram's DCC RPG Reference Sheets (with the cover I threw together for it, hand stapled by me.)

Here's the deal. You have to find him. He'll be running several adventures during the Gen Con, and he'll also be found hanging out with Doug Kovaks at his booth in Artists Alley. At these spots, he'll "giving away" a few products, including a limited amount of Crawl! zines and T-shirts from Purple Sorcerer Games. And by "giving away", it means you'll have to battle in The Great Gen Con Dice Off! But you don't have to take any chances, he'll be selling copies of Crawl! for me. As a bonus, you can get all three available issues as a bundle, and get a copy of the Reference Sheets risk free.


I failed to mention that as a special GEN CON bonus, all the copies are signed by me, and every copy is signed by some of my regular artists, editors & writers. It's worth noting that  #1 & #3 are signed by Brett Miller, the writer and artist for his iconic creation and Crawl! fanzine patron, Van den Danderclanden.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sample Legendary Anti-Magic Talismans

[Crawl! #3 was packed! I had to omit a few things, including a few more samples of Anti-Magic Talismans. So I present here more sample Talismans by Jon Wilson. A printable PDF will be available once the art is done!-- Reverend Dak]

Art by Lauren Simpson,  lrsimpson_gmail
Web Supplement for Crawl! No.3

Sample Legendary Anti-Magic Talismans by Jon Wilson

The Periapt of Lurr (d20 maximum)
A mighty enchantress was Lurr. None within her illusory realm could challenge her and win in a test of sorcery, not the least owing to this large, precious stone. Last known wielder: A man of two minds but of a single, superior body, who walks between worlds.

The Bleached Sudarium of Hallak Sketh (d16 maximum)
Sometimes a powerful anti-magic Talisman can be fashioned from the personal item of a supremely powerful mage. Such is the case with this Sudarium. Wearing the Sudarium around the neck and throwing one end over the shoulder is sufficient to charge it for use, making it effective when subtlety is called for. Last known wielder: A notably wealthy man in a city noted for its wealth; his personal fortune trumps all others.

The Lens of Sa-Thim (d14 maximum)
This Talisman is the bane of Chaos. When wielded against a foe of Chaotic alignment the debt it demands is two die-types lower than the die directed at the foe. Last known wielder: A vampyr hunter swinging a mighty,
reforged hammer.

The Madstone of Van den Danderclanden (d12 maximum)
This keratinous concretion, the size of a child's fist, works as a standard Anti-Magic Talisman, but the wielder (and linked spellcaster, if they are separate people) must make a Fort Save vs. DC 15 or be launched 1d4 rounds into the future each time the Talisman is activated. Last known wielder: Van den Danderclanden.