Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bonus! A Tiny Extra for Crawl! #2

[Here's a little extra shared by Colin Chapman on the Goodman Games forums - Rev. Dak]

Web Supplement for Crawl #2

For folks who nabbed Crawl! #2 and use my expanded equipment article, here's a tiny extra. When rolling for the piece of free extra "adventuring" equipment a 0-level character starts with, roll a d30 instead of a d24, and add the following results to those on page 73 of DCC RPG Core Rules:

25. Blanket, Wool - 5sp
26. Cooking Pot, Small - 5sp
27. Shovel (staff) - 2sp
28. Signal Whistle - 4sp
29. Spyglass, x4 mag. - 25gp
30. Twine, 100-ft. - 1sp



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