Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sample Legendary Anti-Magic Talismans

[Crawl! #3 was packed! I had to omit a few things, including a few more samples of Anti-Magic Talismans. So I present here more sample Talismans by Jon Wilson. A printable PDF will be available once the art is done!-- Reverend Dak]

Art by Lauren Simpson,  lrsimpson_gmail
Web Supplement for Crawl! No.3

Sample Legendary Anti-Magic Talismans by Jon Wilson

The Periapt of Lurr (d20 maximum)
A mighty enchantress was Lurr. None within her illusory realm could challenge her and win in a test of sorcery, not the least owing to this large, precious stone. Last known wielder: A man of two minds but of a single, superior body, who walks between worlds.

The Bleached Sudarium of Hallak Sketh (d16 maximum)
Sometimes a powerful anti-magic Talisman can be fashioned from the personal item of a supremely powerful mage. Such is the case with this Sudarium. Wearing the Sudarium around the neck and throwing one end over the shoulder is sufficient to charge it for use, making it effective when subtlety is called for. Last known wielder: A notably wealthy man in a city noted for its wealth; his personal fortune trumps all others.

The Lens of Sa-Thim (d14 maximum)
This Talisman is the bane of Chaos. When wielded against a foe of Chaotic alignment the debt it demands is two die-types lower than the die directed at the foe. Last known wielder: A vampyr hunter swinging a mighty,
reforged hammer.

The Madstone of Van den Danderclanden (d12 maximum)
This keratinous concretion, the size of a child's fist, works as a standard Anti-Magic Talisman, but the wielder (and linked spellcaster, if they are separate people) must make a Fort Save vs. DC 15 or be launched 1d4 rounds into the future each time the Talisman is activated. Last known wielder: Van den Danderclanden.

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