Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In the Prison of the Squid Sorcerer (Indiegogo)

There is a week or so left on this project, and I hope it gets funded. As an incentive, they've bumped up the base book to 64 pages! This makes it a bargain.

Daniel Bishop is involved, and he's a solid, talented and creative writer! I can't wait to see what twisted stuff he brings to this book.

As a Judge, you can never have enough drop-in encounters for your campaign! This book is full of them!

I scrounged up $20 (and I'm broke) because I want this book! You should too!

p.s. I pick up Crawl! no.5  from the printers today. A few hours of folding, stapling and envelope stuffing is next. Subscriptions should go out today or tomorrow and it should go on sale soon after. So hold on tight!

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