Friday, November 16, 2012

On Open Content

Raven Crowking brought something up on his blog that was only a matter of time before I had to address. What is or isn't open content? I personally prefer Creative Commons, it gives you a bit more granularity on what is free to share or copy.  But because DCC RPG is licensed under the Open Game License (OGL) I think I have to abide by the same rules. Still, the OGL is share share-alike, which is fine with me. So, if you want to use any material from one of my articles in your product (mine only, i.e. by Reverend Dak,) you totally can. But you should add the following to your Section 15 of the OGL (In addition to the DCC RPG copyright by Goodman Games):

"Article name", Copyright 2012, Reverend Dak. 

I'd also appreciate an "additional writing by" credit, if you don't mind. Some of my articles are derivative themselves, and I try to make a point of it. So additional credit and copyright notice may be needed.

For anything else, you have to contact the author or artist yourself. I give each creator the option of how they want to be credited. Some choose not to publish their email or a URL, so contact me directly and I'll send you the right direction.

When in doubt, email me!

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