Friday, January 18, 2013


Come game with me! I'll be part of the DCC RPG 2013 WORLD TOUR!

I'll be running two games at OrcCon this February. One on Friday Night then another on Saturday Afternoon (Last year I did two night games, not this year.) I'm not sure what adventures I'll be running, but I'm open for suggestions. They'll both be 0-level adventures, but I will keep it friendly for returning players to play their previously leveled characters, or any 1st level characters they provide, as long as you run it by me first! As I really want to focus on introducing the game to as many people as possible.

Game sign-ups are January 26th. So get ready for that. I will be playing a large table of 8 players (yes, eight! It's fun!) But they filled up both night at Gamex last year, if you can believe that.

If you miss out in February, I'll be back again for Gamex in May. Same kind of thing, different adventures. Put I'll make a post for that.

I'll also be participating in the Shared Events mentioned at the end of the DCC RPG 2013 World Tour page. It'll sort of be a mini-campaign or series, kind of like Organized Play, but a lot looser. It'll be good. And the places I run it might be a surprise, exclusive to my games. Be ready for that.


  1. Some buddies of mine that have recently gotten into board gaming and have always had had an interest in RPG's are going to be attending strategicon for the first time. Every time we talk about RPG's they all wish that they could play but we don't know anybody that will help us through. What would you recommend for their first RPG experience at the con?

    1. One of my games would be perfect, honestly. I love teaching RPGs, and DCC RPG is a good representative old school D&D style gaming.