Sunday, January 27, 2013

USPS hates Canada...

...and the rest of the world.

Officially, starting today, the first round of price increases are happening. Canada gets the biggest shaft first. Shipping to Canada officially loses the neighborly discount and gets charged the same price as the rest of the world. Canadian prices are now the same as International, overseas prices. It's a huge price jump of over a dollar. The rest of the world gets bumped up too, by several cents, but I'm not going to reflect that yet. Yes, it totally sucks, it's like the USPS is following the general US international policy of, "F*** everyone else." (It's too bad those drones can't deliver mail...) I hate this because I love shipping and sharing, my zines internationally. The price increases are going to make things tough for me, I do this for fun and eat a lot of the costs, or actually a lot of the costs come out of my beer money. But fear not, I'm still committed to the paper zine. I love it. I'm addicted to zines, and I love that I'm able to be a Zinester and combine it with being a RPG gamer. I'm going to continue to make them available, but they're going to cross that threshold of cheap, which I understand. Everyone with existing subscriptions don't have to worry, your investment in my zine is my commitment to you. I'm fulfilling your subscriptions. With that thought, the price of the zine will go up starting with #6, and the subscription prices will increase at the same time.

So I'm giving everyone the opportunity to subscribe to Crawl! with 2012  prices (except for Canadians, I'm really sorry...) until #6 gets released (which is soon!) and this includes subscription extensions! Yup, extensions. But do me a favor and use the link below. It'll be clearer to me which subscriptions are extensions and which are new. So unless you want another copy of #5, please use the special links.

One final note. PDF's coming soon! This, I hope, will counter the price bumps.

Subscription extension special is now over, sorry.

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