Monday, February 4, 2013

Number 6 and the Crawl! Digital Editions (pdf)...


Issue 1 (one) has been submitted to and!

Check in with them, or give them a nudge *hint hint*... maybe, don't do that. heh. But I'll let you know when they're up. It was a headache, because it's a process, but it should be good to go!

The rest the issues will flow in the next few days, culminating with #6:

Crawl! No.6 Cover
I know, it took forever. But it's done, approved and at the printers. Subscription orders will ship out THIS WEEK. Regular Print and PDF sales will begin this WEEKEND. I'm excited and anxious on how well they'll do on PDF. So spread the word.

Once the 6th issue is released, a bundle will be made available. Should all be under Straycouches Press.


  1. Replies
    1. This guy: he's been doing a lot of my art lately, see sneak peeks of the other classes on that blog. They're awesome.

  2. Very cool cover. And you did not take forever, because if that is forever its taken me eight forevers to get out my issue. I'm also trying to get in d20. And yeah, formatting the PDFs is a process.

  3. Yes, very sweet cover art!

    I'll be getting my copy of Gygax magazine and CRAWL! #6 soon, making for some great RPG reading. :]