Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OrcCon in two days...

Just a friendly reminder that I will be at OrcCon on Friday & Saturday. I'll be running two DCC RPG games, one on Friday night from 8pm until finished and Saturday afternoon from 2pm til done. They'll both be beginner friendly games, though I will let folks bring 1st level characters if they make them and bring them. Anyone who plays on the Friday game will also be allowed to level their character and play that character on Saturday.

I'll be running the first two Appendix N Adventures from Brave Halfling Publishing.

On Friday, 8PM, I'll be running The Ruins of Ramat:

It is mid-spring, the time when the land’s rulers and their men-at-arms go to war with their neighbors. Nearly every able person is already involved in such conflicts, or helping the remaining militia protect the local village.

A little girl comes running and crying into the center of the village. When questioned, she sobs that she and her dog were playing just outside of town, by Rose Hill, when a giant, clawed creature came up out of the ground and took her dog. The girl is completely terrified and her dog, which never normally leaves her side, is nowhere to be seen. You and your companions volunteer to look into the matter.

Saturday, 2PM, will be The Vile Worm:

Deep within the forest, an ancient oak has grown huge, twisted, and evil. Ages ago, a  savage  cult  haunted  these  woods  and  this  tree  became  the  focus  of  their unspeakable rites. Below it, they carved out a chamber of sacrificial horror where innocent victims were offered to a hideous worm-like god. As the centuries passed, the cult faded into the mists of time, but the twisted old oak stood fast, awaiting the day when the creeping evil in the dark below would be summoned  once more.

Even if you can't play or make my game, make sure you stop by and say hi. I'll be running around playing games when I'm not running my own.  I'll also have a few copies of my zines if anyone is interested in buying a copy from me there.

I will have SWAG.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing time. I can't wait to get my Appendix N material from John in the mail.

    Btw, I received the gift in the mail. Thanks! It's always great to add to my CRAWL! collection.