Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for me to step away from the computer...

... and an apology to the USPS about Canada.

Funny thing, after visiting the post office after sending a zillion mines out. It turns out I was wrong about prices to Canada. Remember that panicked post I put up about stupid prices. Well the USPS Notice I read was lying. Either that, or the computers over there are wrong. But Canada doesn't cost the same as China. The prices overseas DID go up, significantly. But guess what? Canada didn't. Derp, sorry about that. In the process of figuring out the prices, I realize I've been screwing up for the past 6 months. I've been undercharging for both Canada AND Overseas. That would explain why it's been costing me so much at the post office. But that's all in the past.

Starting with number 6, as I've warned, the price has gone up. I've also started subscriptions at the new prices. But I've also decided not to increase the prices of the back issues, they'll keep the current prices (Which is a bargain for Overseas, a bit expensive for Canadians, and cheap for those in the US.) I'm hoping PDF sales will off-set the expected decrease in print sales.

Print Edition of number 6 goes on sale tomorrow morning. Digital Editions later that night. Subscribers should start receiving their copies today and tomorrow if you're on the west coast, a bit later on the snowy side of the US. (Keep warm, and safe guys!)

Ok, that's it. I think that's the last you'll hear from me for a bit. My eyes are killing me.


  1. -- "a zillion mines"? Or "a million zines"?

    I think the Post Office is not going to like you sending out "a zillion mines". No wonder the rates went up... :D

    1. heh. I already figure that I'm on a terrorist watch list out there somewhere.

  2. I'm thinking I'm going to need to do that a bit soon.