Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Adventures...? A query.


Would you be interested in regularly released adventure compilation?
Would you be interested in one-page dungeons in every issue of Crawl? With the possibility of a compilation down the line?

End tl;dr

I ask the same thing over on the Official Goodman Games Forums

I realize there are two camps, those that DIY and make their own adventures/settings/campaigns and those (like myself) that rely on 3rd Parties to create them for you. So this is mostly for those, like me, that are always looking for more adventures to use, steal from, and hack into their campaigns. 

Crawl! #4 was one of my more popular issues, and I think it's because it was an adventure module. I specifically designed it to be modular, so you can steal the forest, the town, the dragon or the dungeon, and I think it was successful on that part, but it was also a complete adventure on it's own. So that's why I picked it as a whole issue of Crawl. I dont' think I can't do that every time, but if something comes my way that fits that model, I would surely do that. 

And still, one of the number one requests I get is More Adventures. Almost every 3rd Party DCC product out there, so far, has been either an adventure or campaign setting. So there is obviously still demand. On a Transylvanian Adventures thread was brought up a "Dungeon Magazine" like product. I was wondering if there is a demand for such a thing? I proposed that I'd help publish something like it, if I could get a good producer to manage the project. If I could, I can see it happening. But it reminded me of an idea I already had, or planned on doing with Crawl, and that's adding a short adventure to every issue. Due to the format of my zine, it would be more like a 1 or 2 page adventure at most. Then that reminded me of the One-Page Dungeon. If I were to get one-page dungeon submissions, I could crank them out a lot quicker because art & maps are already included as part of a 1-page-dungeon submission. The only difference is, it'd have to be DCC RPG compatible, and my format would be landscape instead of portrait (and some other details designers would have to be aware of.) And heck, if it was in this format I might be able to be the producer/project manager myself. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zine Machine

I had a bunch of orders today, and I realized that I was out of #5 and #6. So I had some already printed, and I started making a bunch. Then I realized I haven't shared my zine-making technique that I promised to share a while back. So I pulled out my cheap Fancy-Phone and took pics.

This is how I make the physical zines.

I do things factory style, which means I don't make each zine one at a time, I systematically do all the steps in batches. It's faster, it becomes mindless work, so you can watch TV, even read, or think about other things while you crank out a zillion zines.

1. First I collate everything, so I have covers and pages all in the right order.

2. Staple. Staple first! It keeps the pages straight. I staple them all, and put them all in a pile.

3. Fold using my Zine-Fold-o-Matic(tm) (see below.) It's easier than eye-balling, and it gets a basic fold in pretty much the right spot, and it's not going to cause carpal tunnel syndrome from folding, pressing. Again, stack them all.

Zine fits between the flaps. Not exactly, but close. You need some play.
I bow it like this to make sure it's centered. This is the most important part.
Fold! I use my whole hand so I don't get cramps or RSI.
4. Hard fold with something that's hard, that doesn't stain or scratch. A bone-tool is nice, I guess. I use a little shot-glass. Done.

Shot Glass for a harder edge
The Zine-Fold-0-matic is a piece of corrugated plastic that I stole off the street. I hate those signs, they're all over my neighborhood. Most are taking advantage of the low income folks and those on the brink of foreclosure, vultures I tell you. I steal them all, and use them for other projects. I took this one, cut it in half, lengthwise. I measured out a zine, and scored where they'd fold side so it folds easily.

Rule for scale, I used a physical zine for the measurements. Four scores. There will be a gap between the edges of the zine and the plastic-folder-thing. This is OK.

This is to show the scores. I cut through one side, and only one side. You don't want to make the flaps too big, or it won't fold. Or too small, it'll kinks the pages. 

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions.

P.S. #7 is in layout. 

Bonus Tips: Get a stamp for your return address and use address labels for the recipient. Writing out addresses separately sucks. I did hand label a few, but if there is more than 1 or 2, I always cut and paste their address into a template, and print.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day!

It's in full effect. Lots and lots of good stuff, all compatible with any OSR game, even DCC RPG. My posts (yes, plural) are over at my personal blog:

Go, man. Go! I'm giving away a new zine for S&W related to one of the articles. Heck, it might become _a thing._

In regards to Crawl! number 7, I finished setting up my new computer, and layout of the new issue begins SOON!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Might As Well Write...

I'm stuck on a 7" tablet and an old netbook for my Internet access. Fortunately the netbook has a keyboard, so I can at least write. Over at my personal blog, Reverend_Dak_Dot_Blogspot (I try keep my personal business somewhere else, so those not interested in my other habits, or hobbies, don't have to be bothered with non-Crawl! or DCC RPG content), I'll be participating in Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day. For those that aren't familiar, S&W was my first taste of the OSR, and my go-to reference for everything from classic monsters, classes, magic and treasure. I use S&W as the basis for my OSR Conversion; a series of conversion tips & tricks for DCC RPG. I'll be writing a bit for S&W Appreciation Day but anything I do for S&W will be 100% compatible with DCC RPG and 99.99% compatible with other OSR games too. (That's the great thing about these OSR inspired games.)

I'll also be giving away some stuff! So check it out. Friendly reminders are assured.

For the time being check out the free/online d20 S&W Reference Documents at:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I've Been Failing My Luck Checks

That, or I really suck at this. A week or so ago I hit a streak of bad luck. My bicycle, a 1971 Raleigh/Carlton Competition, decided to snap a chain in the middle of the street which also broke the front derailleur. Luckily I was just starting from a stop, but I still smashed into my bike in the middle of the street. Before that I blew a flip-flop, fortunately I was still home. Earlier that week someone stripped the tail lights from my truck, and I had to yell at the postoffice boss about lazy postmen. Soon after that my girlfriend's car decided it wants to stall every few miles and basically run like shit. But the worst of all, my primary computer with all my publishing software and all the art decided to die. My guess is that the video card or GPU died, because I can't plug it into a TV (HDMI) or a monitor (VGA). This sucks because I need it to do my work, which makes my money. I can't edit adventures, nor can I layout or work on the art for the latest issue Crawl! Yep. The writing has been done for a while, it's been in editing for a month. It's pretty much done. I should have been finished two weeks ago. But I can't finish it without a computer, and I can't afford a new one, yet.

Just thought you all should know what the hold-up is. I already have the next three issues planned, and I'm excited for them. Number 7 is coming, just delayed. It's annoying. But I should play the lottery in case things change.

Retailers: I've been contacted by a couple FLGSs. I'd love to work with you and get my zine into your shops! Please check your email. I had one bounce back.