Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I've Been Failing My Luck Checks

That, or I really suck at this. A week or so ago I hit a streak of bad luck. My bicycle, a 1971 Raleigh/Carlton Competition, decided to snap a chain in the middle of the street which also broke the front derailleur. Luckily I was just starting from a stop, but I still smashed into my bike in the middle of the street. Before that I blew a flip-flop, fortunately I was still home. Earlier that week someone stripped the tail lights from my truck, and I had to yell at the postoffice boss about lazy postmen. Soon after that my girlfriend's car decided it wants to stall every few miles and basically run like shit. But the worst of all, my primary computer with all my publishing software and all the art decided to die. My guess is that the video card or GPU died, because I can't plug it into a TV (HDMI) or a monitor (VGA). This sucks because I need it to do my work, which makes my money. I can't edit adventures, nor can I layout or work on the art for the latest issue Crawl! Yep. The writing has been done for a while, it's been in editing for a month. It's pretty much done. I should have been finished two weeks ago. But I can't finish it without a computer, and I can't afford a new one, yet.

Just thought you all should know what the hold-up is. I already have the next three issues planned, and I'm excited for them. Number 7 is coming, just delayed. It's annoying. But I should play the lottery in case things change.

Retailers: I've been contacted by a couple FLGSs. I'd love to work with you and get my zine into your shops! Please check your email. I had one bounce back.


  1. Sorry to hear that -- I hope things go more Danny Glover and less Martin Short for you soon!

  2. I have all of the confidence in the world that #7 will be worth the wait.