Monday, April 8, 2013

Might As Well Write...

I'm stuck on a 7" tablet and an old netbook for my Internet access. Fortunately the netbook has a keyboard, so I can at least write. Over at my personal blog, Reverend_Dak_Dot_Blogspot (I try keep my personal business somewhere else, so those not interested in my other habits, or hobbies, don't have to be bothered with non-Crawl! or DCC RPG content), I'll be participating in Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day. For those that aren't familiar, S&W was my first taste of the OSR, and my go-to reference for everything from classic monsters, classes, magic and treasure. I use S&W as the basis for my OSR Conversion; a series of conversion tips & tricks for DCC RPG. I'll be writing a bit for S&W Appreciation Day but anything I do for S&W will be 100% compatible with DCC RPG and 99.99% compatible with other OSR games too. (That's the great thing about these OSR inspired games.)

I'll also be giving away some stuff! So check it out. Friendly reminders are assured.

For the time being check out the free/online d20 S&W Reference Documents at:

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