Sunday, April 28, 2013

More Adventures...? A query.


Would you be interested in regularly released adventure compilation?
Would you be interested in one-page dungeons in every issue of Crawl? With the possibility of a compilation down the line?

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I ask the same thing over on the Official Goodman Games Forums

I realize there are two camps, those that DIY and make their own adventures/settings/campaigns and those (like myself) that rely on 3rd Parties to create them for you. So this is mostly for those, like me, that are always looking for more adventures to use, steal from, and hack into their campaigns. 

Crawl! #4 was one of my more popular issues, and I think it's because it was an adventure module. I specifically designed it to be modular, so you can steal the forest, the town, the dragon or the dungeon, and I think it was successful on that part, but it was also a complete adventure on it's own. So that's why I picked it as a whole issue of Crawl. I dont' think I can't do that every time, but if something comes my way that fits that model, I would surely do that. 

And still, one of the number one requests I get is More Adventures. Almost every 3rd Party DCC product out there, so far, has been either an adventure or campaign setting. So there is obviously still demand. On a Transylvanian Adventures thread was brought up a "Dungeon Magazine" like product. I was wondering if there is a demand for such a thing? I proposed that I'd help publish something like it, if I could get a good producer to manage the project. If I could, I can see it happening. But it reminded me of an idea I already had, or planned on doing with Crawl, and that's adding a short adventure to every issue. Due to the format of my zine, it would be more like a 1 or 2 page adventure at most. Then that reminded me of the One-Page Dungeon. If I were to get one-page dungeon submissions, I could crank them out a lot quicker because art & maps are already included as part of a 1-page-dungeon submission. The only difference is, it'd have to be DCC RPG compatible, and my format would be landscape instead of portrait (and some other details designers would have to be aware of.) And heck, if it was in this format I might be able to be the producer/project manager myself. 

What do you think?


  1. Having just completed a One Page Dungeon Contest entry, I think a 1-page dungeon in each issue of Crawl! would be awesome.

    Especially, if the articles complemented the dungeon, and vice versa...

  2. Honestly, I don't think that a Dungeon magazine-style publication is the best idea. I love the idea of Crawl! publishing a one-page dungeon in every issue (although due to layout constraints, it might have to be two-page), but at the same time, I don't want you to limit what you do in Crawl! based on the idea that you "have" to do a particular thing every issue. Frankly, I loved the "adventure issue" you did. It was a well-written adventure that had enough material that I could steal that, even if I never ran the adventure, I could use that issue of Crawl! even if it was just "stripping it for parts."

    Yes, publish more adventures, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Crawl! is excellent and needs to stay that way.

    1. I definitely ain't giving up Crawl! the way it is now. I love using it to share how rules, new rules, new stuff in general. But I definitely in support of squeezing in one-page adventures or encounters in every issue. If they fit the theme, even better. I think it warrants another post to solicit them.

  3. The "One-page" Dungeon would technically be two in an issue of Crawl, but effectively "one" Letter sized page with a horizontal spread. Should be fairly easy to convert a standard one-page. The only concern would be keeping art and words to one side of the half-letter. Experiments with full two-page spreads have not worked out. You'll notice I could never get the tables to line up straight when I tried it.

    I'm also open for "half-page x2" dungeons NOW, if you have them. Remember, DCC RPG stats/rules are necessary.

    1. DCC's stat blocks are refreshingly light, compared to 3e/4e/pathfinder, but I am not a fan of the 1-page-dungeon format. I am very much a fan of the idea of more adventures, though. :D

      Consider "adventure elements" instead of the 1-page dungeon format. Some might be maps, some might be monsters, some might be treasures or simple encounters. But, rather than be glossed-over as 1-page-dungeons are, they are fully developed and ready to insert in a campaign.

      For what it's worth, the extra equipment is still the most commonly referenced Crawl! article in my home group.

  4. The more adventures the better, whether they be short or tall, fat or thin.

  5. Dak, very excited to find adventures, 1 page dungeons or encounters in upcoming issues of Crawl!

  6. Everyone needs more modules. Big upvote from me.

  7. Absolutely. LOVE the idea of more adventures in CRAWL!

  8. I'd love one page dungeons in CRAWL! It wouldn't even have to be every issue! (though that would be great too).