Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Crawl! No.7 is Now Available in Print...

Cover by bygrinstow
Click on BUY NOW! to purchase Crawl! fanzine no.7 Print Edition Now!

Update: Digital (PDF) Edition is available on the Now!

Will be available on RPGnow on Friday!

Tips and Tricks for playing DCC RPG! And making Traps more brutal!

  • Run Mazes!
  • Creative Skill Checks!
  • Unique Ogres!
  • A Chaotic Sword!
  • and Crit Tables for Traps!


  1. Glad to hear it! Crawl! always brightens my day!

  2. Um how do we get our PDF that goes with the sub? Mine arrived here in NZ today, great stuff!

    1. send me an email with your subscription or purchase info, and your email account associated with RPGnow, and I'll send you a copy.

  3. Just checked the mail today, and no Crawl! :[ I tried to remember how long it took to get my copy in Bellevue, Nebraska last time, but I don't think it was over a week after you posted a shipping announcement, especially not if someone in NZ got theirs already!