Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DCC RPG at Gamex 2013

Los Angeles, CA -- May 24-27, 2013

I'll be running two sessions of DCC RPG at GAMEX 2013. Both will be friendly to those new to DCC RPG (I love to teach it.) The first session will be the intro adventure "The Witch of Wydfield" by Brave Halfling Publishing. It'll be at 2PM, Friday afternoon. The second session will be "The Treacherous Cobtraps" also by Brave Halfling Publishing on Saturday, 8PM. It's a 2nd level adventure, but I'll make sure it's friendly to new players.

Characters will be provided, or roll your own. 1st or 2nd level characters are subject to approval. If you've played at one of my convention games, your character should be good to go.

Pre-Registration is open now!

I will have copies of Crawl! on hand if you want a copy.

I will have SWAG to give away as part of:
DCC RPG World Tour 2013

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