Monday, August 19, 2013

Bad At This

Bad news: I haven't posted anything for over a month. Sorry about that. I have no excuse. Crawl! #8 is finished, writing wise. It's currently with my editor. I'll nag him later. The cover is being worked on, and I still need to find some interior art. Then layout, then submit for approval and then it can go on sale.

Good news: Number #9 is already written, and will come hot on the tail of #8. And then number 10 is mostly written, so it'll come quickly after that!

Submit! It's probably my fault for lack of communicating in general. But submissions have slowed a bit. I'm sitting on a small stack of material that will be part of #10. Somewhere down the line is a nautical/pirate/maritime themed issue. If you have any ideas, or submissions. Or want to take a stab at writing on of my ideas that I don't think I'm talented enough to do myself, let me know.

Needed! I really need a steady stable of artists and writers that are willing to take on an idea or concept of mine. Think you got what it takes? Let me know!

Thanks for everything: I sold out Gen Con in 1-day, apparently. And I somehow did this and forgot to remind folks about it on here that I would have them for sale again... crazy, I know. Thanks to everyone that helped make that happen. Especially the good folks at Goodman Games and their +Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game and +Jen Brinkman for delivering the goods to their booth.

Burning Man: Anyone going to that Dirt-Rave-Thing-In-The-Desert? I'll be there with my Bicycle Gang collaborating with a bunch of other bicycle gangs from LA. Our camp is called Ridazz Camp. I'll be there this weekend, and gone until after labor day. I'll be running a game of AD&D (Amplified D&D) on Thursday at our camp. You won't be able to miss us. It'll be loud.