Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crawl! no.8 Print+PDF, Print

Print+PDF now!

Crawl! no.8 is available now. If you use Gumroad, you'll get the PDF immediately, then the print edition shipped ASAP.

Basic Firearms Rules
Optional Rules
Different Eras of the Firearm
Invasion! An adventure tool-kit
Crit and Fumble Tables for Firearms

Written by Reverend Dak
Additional materials by Mike Evans, S.A. Mathis, Austin Schaefer, Christian Sturke
Cover by Jason Sholtis
Interior art by Mario Torres Jr.
Edited by Brad Littman

Print+PDF with Gumroad (download immediately).
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Print Bundles! (and news...)

I'm trying something new.

tl;dr (click Bundle! above or This!.)

First off, I've had a few people asking if they can buy all the issues as a bundle and get a discount like there is if you buy the PDFs in a bundle. To be honest, print copies are expensive and it takes a lot of time to make (time=money) but I still think they're worth having, heck I've been selling every issue at cover price, shipping included (unless you're overseas or in Canada, but I'm sure you guys understand why I have to charge you folks extra...). So a physical product for as cheap as I've been charging shipped 1st class... It's a bargain but it really costs me money in the end. But I love you. But I've decided to make available, for a limited time, a bundle. If you buy 1 through 7, you get number 1 for free.

2nd, I've updated the bundle on RPGnow so it's now 1-7, and no.1 now only $1.

3rd, people kept asking me if there was an easy way to buy several issues at once. Because of how I was using both Google Checkout and Paypal, it wasn't easy for me to make a shopping cart. You had to buy each issue separately. Since Google Checkout is going by the way of the dodo bird (gone/extinct/no-more), I only have Dwolla (which hasn't been fruitful, to tell the truth) and Paypal as payment options. So in a few day (I hope) I plan to update the Buy Now! page so it's a shopping cart, and you can buy multiple copies with one transaction through Paypal.

4th, what about number 8? It's APPROVED! It'll be going to print soon, and I hope to have it for sale in a week or so. But I want to try something new! I discovered (via +Stacy Dellorfano ) a site called Gumroad. I like it. The Bundle is available NOW! <-click that, if you want to give it a try. In a couple days I plan to make No.8 available for Pre-Order using the same system.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost there...

Ok, finally an update. I got a little kick in the butt this morning about the lack of issues this year. I'm truly sorry. But there is good news. Number 8 is pretty much done. I hope to have layout finished and the final copy sent in for approval by Friday. Yep, and if it gets approved, it'll go to print NEXT WEEK. Yuppers. I don't like talking about my releases until it gets approved. But my track-record has been good. So here's a teaser of the cover, it'll give you a good idea what's in it...

The cover design is just a rough mock-up. But the art is amazing, it's by the fan favorite +Jason Sholtis. It'll be a wrap-around cover. The internal art is also amazing, and I'm waiting on one final piece, and it should be doozy. I hope you like it. I hope it's worth the wait. I've been working non-stop on it...