Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Crawl! no.8 Print+PDF, Print

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Crawl! no.8 is available now. If you use Gumroad, you'll get the PDF immediately, then the print edition shipped ASAP.

Basic Firearms Rules
Optional Rules
Different Eras of the Firearm
Invasion! An adventure tool-kit
Crit and Fumble Tables for Firearms

Written by Reverend Dak
Additional materials by Mike Evans, S.A. Mathis, Austin Schaefer, Christian Sturke
Cover by Jason Sholtis
Interior art by Mario Torres Jr.
Edited by Brad Littman

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  1. What's the difference between this and Hack?

    1. *Excellent question!* Other than the obvious rules/stats differences, not much. Crawl! #8 has about 15% more content, basically some slight additions to some tables in the adventure tool-kit, but the biggest difference is Crawl! has Crit & Fumble tables that are Firearm specific, and these come from S.A. Mathis's Transylvanian Adventures, but tweaked a bit to be more generic for standard DCC RPG.