Monday, October 28, 2013

Print Bundles! (and news...)

I'm trying something new.

tl;dr (click Bundle! above or This!.)

First off, I've had a few people asking if they can buy all the issues as a bundle and get a discount like there is if you buy the PDFs in a bundle. To be honest, print copies are expensive and it takes a lot of time to make (time=money) but I still think they're worth having, heck I've been selling every issue at cover price, shipping included (unless you're overseas or in Canada, but I'm sure you guys understand why I have to charge you folks extra...). So a physical product for as cheap as I've been charging shipped 1st class... It's a bargain but it really costs me money in the end. But I love you. But I've decided to make available, for a limited time, a bundle. If you buy 1 through 7, you get number 1 for free.

2nd, I've updated the bundle on RPGnow so it's now 1-7, and no.1 now only $1.

3rd, people kept asking me if there was an easy way to buy several issues at once. Because of how I was using both Google Checkout and Paypal, it wasn't easy for me to make a shopping cart. You had to buy each issue separately. Since Google Checkout is going by the way of the dodo bird (gone/extinct/no-more), I only have Dwolla (which hasn't been fruitful, to tell the truth) and Paypal as payment options. So in a few day (I hope) I plan to update the Buy Now! page so it's a shopping cart, and you can buy multiple copies with one transaction through Paypal.

4th, what about number 8? It's APPROVED! It'll be going to print soon, and I hope to have it for sale in a week or so. But I want to try something new! I discovered (via +Stacy Dellorfano ) a site called Gumroad. I like it. The Bundle is available NOW! <-click that, if you want to give it a try. In a couple days I plan to make No.8 available for Pre-Order using the same system.

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