Monday, November 4, 2013

Submissions Needed!

Now that no.8 is out in the wild, and no.9 is in editing and art stages. It's time to look towards future issues. I've updated the Submissions page with upcoming themes. If you got something that fits one of those themes, I'd like to see it. They'll likely get published sooner than later!


  1. Will we be seeing the Grinder for #9?

    1. yes sir! I'm going to finish the editing this week and hope to have the art and maps done in another week or two. The goal is see it published by the end of the month!

      Do you have a "back cover" blurb for it?

    2. might need a better back cover blurb than "Woot!".......

      The Curwen Family have lived up among the pine woods on the outskirts of Arwich Village for as long as the oldest village gaffers can remember. When the beautiful Bessie Curwen's bonnet appears in the grasp of a creature found in the night, someone must go up into the dark pine-clad hills to make sure that the Curwens are all right. After all, the Curwens saved the village from starvation two winters ago. If you do not go, who will?

      The Arwich Grinder is a Lovecraftean 0-level funnel for the DCC RPG.

      What in the name of heaven or hell could be happening up there?

    3. Edit: "When the beautiful Bessie Curwen's bonnet is found in a strange creature's grasp"