Monday, December 23, 2013

End of the Year News!

And it's mostly ALL GOOD!

First off, from Straycouches Press, the publisher of this little zine, I'd like to introduce D.A.M.N. Issue 1. A DCC RPG Adventure and News Magazine:


Secondly, Crawl! no. 9 is finished! And approved! And on the way to the printers!

And now for the bad news. I'm sick, I have a stupid cold and my girlfriend doesn't want me to work. And that's because I have to get better by the 26th. I want to get no.9 shipped to my subscribers before I go on this long-ass winter vacation to Bogota, Colombia. But I kind of made my promise to get #9 out ASAP, it didn't' happen in November when I wanted to. But it's done. The art is fantastic. The adventure is wicked, a 0-level funnel by the writing monster-machine +Daniel Bishop. I even had room to squeeze a gruesome little short encounter of his in the end. So if all goes well, subscribers should see a little zine in their mailbox before the end of the year. The general public will have to wait for me to set up the sites to take orders for it. My lovely girlfriend blames my cold on stress, and she thinks the stress is because of Straycouches Press. She might be right, but she is totally right that I have to be well before I fly to South America... gulp. How can I be so excited and sick at the same time?! Somehow between now and Thursday I have to make and ship 150 zines, pack 3 weeks of clothes and two bicycles. And Chismas is smack in the middle of it...


  1. I'm not a subscriber, and perhaps they would disagree, but I think you should just take care of yourself so you're ready for your trip. Yeah, not making your deadline sucks, but it is ultimately a game, no one is going to suffer if it is late. You could send out the PDF to your subscribers, if you haven't already, with a note that the hard copy will be delayed. I think most people will understand; after all, it isn't as if they don't have their own stuff going on right now.

    1. That's what _she said_! heh... but we'll see. Thanks though.

  2. Save mine to assemble and ship when you get back. So that's only 149 to worry about...

    Or just rest and get well. S'Press stress isn't worth it at this time of year (stressful enough already, right?).

  3. Likewise; you can wait until you get back to send mine. Get better, Dak!