Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Quick Shout Outs!

Get ready to throw your money at the following:

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG World Tour 2014!:

The folks at Goodman Games are at it again and trying to raise some funds to support their DCC RPG 2014 World Tour! The goal is to produce some new swag to support public game. Last year's swag was awesome. Let's help them go even bigger! Do it!:

Crawljammer No. 1!

A new print zine for DCC RPG! And it's awesome. It's focused on a pulp-style space-crawling campaign. It includes the cosmology of the space setting and how to run adventures in the ether of space, a new character class and an adventure that features the planet Venus! Genius, and just plain F'n cool.

I'm going to steal the ship combat for my nautical themed issue...

Get it in Print &/or PDF here:

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad no. 1

Oh man. This too is SOOO GOOD! Honestly, DCC RPG is winning when it comes to fan-created supplements, especially in the form of zines.

This guy is also a setting, but centered on the city of Ur-hadad. It includes a background of the setting and the city. It also has random "assassin" generator of sorts, being that assassins are "illegal" in Ur-Hadad. A full 0-level funnel, where the PCs start off as street kids and have to deal with random gangs, and a "plug-in" encounter scenario, designed to fit in an existing dungeon.

Get it in Print &/or PDF here:

It's all very inspiring stuff! I'm envious and excited for these projects. I've got to get working on no. 10...