Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crawl! no. 10 Update

I have to apologize, I've been lagging. Some life changes in my household (Ladyfriend is starting business, and I'm part of it.) Plus major releases coming from Goodman Games have been taking up most of my time (I've been editing some pretty big projects.) But whenever I can, I've been writing and working on the next issues of Crawl! And another Straycouches Press zine that you may or may not find interesting (I hope you find it interesting...)

Until then, here's a teaser of what you will find in No. 10:

Halfling Burglars (by Mario Torres)


  1. Oh man I looooove the halfling burglar art!

    1. Failed to mention that it's by Mario Torres, who also did the art of #9.

  2. It's all good, Dak! You've created nine amazing 'zines so far and are such a staple in the DCC community that I know there is a tremendous amount of faith in you!