Monday, May 18, 2015

This Weekend in Los Angeles

GAMEX is this weekend:

+Dak Ultimak be there, with +Mario Torres swinging wares of the Goodman Games, DCC RPG, and Old-School Zine variety. I'll also be running the Hypercube of Myt tournament* on Saturday, 2PM, May 23rd. We'll also be running some impromptu DCC RPG on various evenings after the dealer rooms close. And who-knows-what-else!

Join us!

*Tournament! The Hypercube of Myt is a DCC RPG 0-level funnel tournament. Unlimited number of players may enter, but only 8 players are actively playing at any given moment. If you survive an encounter, you may continue. If you die, you tag out, and another player takes your seat. If you desire, you may return to the queue and try again. The winner of the tournament is the player that survives the MOST encounters. Ties go to PC with most survivals and/or a DICE-OFF!

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