Thursday, December 24, 2015

12 Days of OSR Christmas 2015
Every year the indomitable Tenkar of Tenkar's Tavern gives away a ton of Old-School RPG goodness. This year ain't no exception. I'm again participating and giving away a bunch of stuff. (BTW, yes, I'm still around. Things have gotten really busy, but that's not what this is about.) 

To be given away (Anywhere in the world!):
  1. 1 complete set of Crawl!, printed+PDF. 
  2. 2 complete sets of Crawl!, PDF editions.
  3. 3 single copies of anything I publish, in print +PDF, winner's choice (including Hack: Firearms print ed.)
  4. 4 copies of no.11 (Print + PDF).
  5. 5+ copies of Dungeon Crawl Basics (proof of concept/beta/not final print copies, and free copies of the final edition when finished.) 
That's a LOT of stuff, 15 prizes! And yes, physical copies go anywhere a postman will go.

Here are the rules:

Reply with an original WIZARD's name and the name of that/or another wizard's Home/Land/Domain.

Reply in the comments below. Be sure to include contact info (email or G+). Eligible winners will be picked at random. Wizard names will be used in some table, or something, forever credited, etc. If you don't care to be creative or whatever, that's OK too. But at least make something up.

**UPDATE**: Entry cut-off will be Sunday, Dec 27th.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Tenkar's Tavern's 12 Days of OSR Christmas...

Starts soon! I'm gifting a ton of stuff. There will a special link from Tenkar when it's my turn, it'll direct to special page and stuff... Check Tenkar's Tavern for more info: