Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And the WINNERS ARE...

of the 2015 12 Days of OSR Christmas (chosen at random using random.org) the Straycouches Edition...

Complete set of Crawl!, printed+PDF. 

ByteNinja with Zeebtar the magnanimous of the royal court of Draco The Flatulent

Complete set of Crawl!, PDF editions.

Shawn Rice with Turbos The Conjuror of the forgotten
latron with Teofrasto, Low Wizard of Nosekeburg

Single copy of anything I publish, in print +PDF, winner's choice (including Hack: Firearms print ed.)

Knucklehead with Elf Tiredtrope, amnesiac orphan Mage of Somewhere
Michael L with Isadora of the Eternal flame of the Empire of Valusia
Will Tijerina with Dremel the Shapeshifter of The Wandering Tower

Copy of no.11 (Print + PDF).

Eric Samuels with Draziw of Niamod
Jason GURPS with Notffa the Archmage of Iruossim
Bruno Araujo with Tristan Resende, High-Master of Gaveaheim
José Viruete with Necrodamus, the prophet of de wastelands of Elcolaia

Copy of Dungeon Crawl Basics (proof of concept/beta/not final print copies, and free copies of the final edition when finished.)

Zach G with Rage filled Raglos the Foolish of Cravenheim
goeticgeek with Northrandarian of the Hills of Korth deep in the Forest of Ossorande
James Dudli with Qubert Rube of the Four Sided Tower of Bah'ksth
Stu Ordana with Mozark the Red of the Kingdom of Keoland
knobgobbler with Purple Annie of the soggy swamp city of Gasbile

I will be trying to contact each of you ASAP. If you see this, and have the time. Please email me first! Use the subject line of "12 Days of OSR Christmas Winner" or click this.

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