Monday, January 4, 2016


Sorry for the delays folks. Things have been hectic over at STRAYCOUCHES. The combination of Holidays, deadlines, and building (my new home) has filled my world with a huge amount of STRESS. But after forcing myself to not do anything for a few days, re: New Years!, has helped. I've been back ordered on pretty much every issue for a couple weeks, so orders have been sitting in the Inbox for a bit. But new copies are at the printer, so I'll be shipping a ton of stuff tomorrow, when I get the pages back from the printers, then there is folding & stapling, stuffing envelopes, then SHIPPING!

As for the 12 Days of OSR Christmas, I'll be figuring those out TODAY (so expect an update, and winners expect to be contacted soon.) Physical copies will also be shipped with the back log of orders. PDF awards around the same time.


P.S. The next issue of Crawl! is still open for submissions: The theme is Luck and House Rules.

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  1. Understandable. What is the theme of this issue? Do you need contributions?