Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Character Sheets!

Yes! The official Character Record Sheets for Crawl! no. 6 and 10 character classes are NOW AVAILABLE!!! Designed by +Richard Smith, they're included free with your purchase of no. 6 and 10, you should have received an email with download information. (Check with your OBS or Gumroad digital libraries for the appropriate files.)

They're also available separately as PWYW PDF downloads on OBS and Gumroad.

Get them at Gumroad & RPGnow

Get them at Gumroad & RPGnow


  1. Coolness! Can you add the #6 file to the 1-8 bundle on Gumroad?

    1. Don't be ashamed of putting $0.00 for the PWYW, it's easier for everyone, and updates will be quicker.

  2. Can't you make those for the regular classes too? Yours have spaces for temporary stuff.... Overall much better!

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  4. Hi Dak, has anyone made a class specific character sheet for Shane Clements' Orc class in issue #5?