Submissions for upcoming issues are always welcome!

Currently seeking submissions related to the following upcoming themes:
  • Crawl! no. 13: The Deathmatch Issue - Think Arena combat! PVP! Duels! Battles to the death! 

By submitting your work, you're giving us permission to edit, print, and publish your submission in a Crawl! fanzine as we see fit. Everything that gets published will belong to the author, artist and creator, assuming the work is original. The owner will always be free to re-publish, sell or do whatever they want with their submission, that is short of time-travel and deleting something that has already went to print.

Contributors will get a free copy of the zine! It's the best I'll be able to do for compensation, for now. But remember you will remain sole owner of your creation, so at this point you have nothing to lose.

No one, except the print shop and post-office, will be making any money from this project. Any petty cash, and it'll be petty, will go to finance future issues, its development, printing, etc. This is a true labor of love.

If you have a brilliant idea, or proposal, go ahead and email Make sure you use a proper, memorable, but short & informative subject line, or it might get lost. Include a quick blurb or sample in the email. Don't send attachments, yet.

For written submissions, cloud services, such as Google Docs, are best. Rich-text, plain-text or other Open Standard is fine. FYI, I personally use LibreOffice (an OpenOffice fork.) While Microsoft Office .doc files (Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP) are OK, just avoid any fancy formatting.

For art submissions, send me a link to some samples first. Art I'll need should be up to 8" tall and 5" wide at 300dpi. I prefer old-school D&D style B&W line-art with hatching or halftone. Grey-scale and shading will get lost and turn ugly in the printing process. Smaller, incidental pieces are always needed, like a helmet, or a sword, or a pile of treasure is always welcome.

Can you dig it? Awesome!


  1. So what are you looking for for issue 7? or are you accepting for issue 8 now?

    1. #7 is in editing, and once I get a new computer, layout. But I'm always accepting submissions, upcoming themes include a nautical/marine adventure themed issue. More Loot. Another Player's Options issue. And more adventures. Monsters, magic, you name it. Submit it!


    I'd love to help with a couple art images if I have the time.

    1. Yes please! Bring these two things I love together...

  3. I'd love to contribute some art to the zine!