Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crawl! No.6 - Digital Edition Now Available!

On Sale Now! 

The Digital (PDF) Edition of Crawl! No. 6 is now on sale at:

But what you really want is probably this!...

Buy now from d20pfsrd Shop
P.S. Spread the word! Same as the print version announcement. First one to share this on a Social Network will get a special prize, totally exclusive. Just don't forget to tag me somehow so I catch it.


  1. I posted this one on Facebook also, in case I was too late with your previous post!

    1. Thanks LegoRick! Contact me directly, and send me your snail-mail addy. It's a little something, or if you ordered a print edition, I can add it to the envelope.

  2. Awesome, thanks Dak! Email sent!

  3. Got issue #6 in the mail today! Very sweet issue.