Friday, September 7, 2012

CRAWL! No.4. On Sale Now!

The 4th issue of Crawl! is an adventure module by Yves Larochelle and art by Scott Ackerman. It features:

  • A complete adventure for 4 to 8 5th-level characters!
  • A detailed village full of interesting locals but with a hidden secret!
  • A nearby forest full of unique beasts including a dragon!
  • A deadly dungeon with a sinister evil!
  • Plus new magic items and more!

This adventure can be played in its entirety, or bits and pieces can be used on their own, including a random forest encounter table.

Buy it now! 

Better late than never!

A box full for Crawl! issue number 4...

...subscriptions will ship today (if I get them put together in time), and individual copies will go on sale tonight!...