Monday, April 1, 2019


Here are my plans. You can hold me to it. If I fail, it'll be your fault (not really). I've got to wrap some shit up, take care of some "adult" errands, etc.

Crawl! #13 - shipped by July 2019.
I'll be sending out an email to current subscribers about addresses, I'm sure people have moved since the last issue, I'm sure of this because I've moved TWICE since that time. It's been over 2 years since I talked publicly about it, but Crawl! is not dead--it's just been on hiatus. I suck at this, I know. I even thought about jumping on the Kickstarter ZineQuest thing. Just wasn't sure how.

Crawl! Fanzine, compilation. That'll be next. It's long overdue. I have big plans, and I'll need some help. I need a good printer, because I want smyth-sewn quality--not that POD crap. We'll talk later.
Until then, follow me (Rev. Dak) on twitter: @reverend_dak ***WARNING: I'm not for everyone*** You might find me on other social mediums, if you search my email or my name. But the hell-site called Twitter is a sure thing.

That's it for now. Pour one out for G+, the best social media site ever.

P.S.: All zines are still available. See Buy Now (click above or on the right) to buy online. Or ask your FLGS to stock it! Have them contact me directly.