Friday, December 19, 2014

Free is my favorite flavor!

So Channel Zero accidentally bought some extra copies of Crawl! So his mistake is your gain. Go visit the site and try to win them if you can! I'm going to sweeten the deal by offering free PDF copies to the winners.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Monsters & Adventure Sale!

Over at RPGnow/DriveThruRPG, three different issues of the PDF editions of Crawl! fanzine is on sale for 33% off. I picked the three most appropriate for the holiday of scares and monsters:


Click on a cover to take you there!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crawl Fanzine Style Guide

Here's the cheat-sheet I use to keep style and formatting consistent when writing and editing the Crawl! fanzine.

PRO TIP!  It also happens to be the reference guide I use when editing official DCC RPG modules.

Crawl! no.11: Maritime Issue
I've settled on the next issue of Crawl! And it'll be the nautical themed Maritime Issue! It's coming together. So far I got naval combat, a template for an ocean worthy cleric, and some other good stuff lined up.

I'm excited for this one...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Out Of Office

So, starting today. Until September 3rd. I'm going to be away from computer, and internet, and therefore won't be able to handle orders. You can continue ordering, but I won't be able to fulfill them until I get back. Sorry about that. I'm going to my annual desert trip thing, I'm going to attempt (again) to run a session out there. If you can find me.

Hint: Midnight Ridazz Camp.

Monday, August 4, 2014

PDF Editions of No.10

They'll be posting soon (I hope)!

You'll find them here:
Buy Now! via Gumroad, now!

Remember, if you're a subscriber or purchased a print edition (outside of Gumroad, like say a gaming con or, and would like a complimentary PDF, follow the Digital (PDF) Requests link here: 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Crawl! no.10 on sale now!

Click Pic to Buy Now!

Crawl! no.10: New Class Options!

Race as Class feeling limited?

This issue features New Class Options for Demi-humans!

  • Elven Rogue - Elves with Thief Abilities
  • Dwarven Priest - Dwarves with Cleric Abilities
  • Halfling Burglar - Halflings Expanded with Thief Abilities
  • Halfling Champion - Halflings with Mighty Deeds

A Multi-classing System for even more class options!

Also in this issue, Random Physical Traits Tables

And info on the various Community Based 3rd-Party Classes!

Written by Rev. Dak J. Ultimak, Jeffrey Tadlock, Daniel J. Bishop, Colin Chapman, Brad Littman

Cover and Interior Art by Mario Torres Jr.

Buy Now

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Taking longer than I thought...

250 copies, straight from the printer

200 copies being stapled and folded

140 copies stuffed in envelopes
...but they're done and subscriber copies will hit the post-office early tomorrow, along with a huge amount heading to GenCon.

My plan is for PRINT copies to go on sale tomorrow, and PDFs on Monday.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Teaser! (and currently at the printers.)

Back cover mock-up.
Probably a good time to resubscribe too. Subscribers and comped issues go out first. I won't put it on general sale until I have print copies on hand. And the PDFs won't be available until then either (because I use a real cover for the cover, not a digital mock-up.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


yes, it's true. And I want to quickly get started on no. 11. I'm not sure what the theme is yet, but here's what I'm thinking. What do you think? Regardless, seeking submissions on the following:
  • Maritime Adventures (Sea monsters, pirates, ships, random sea encounters!)
  • House Rules! (I want a fat issue full of everyone's plug-in-able house rules.)
  • Luck Rules! (How are you using luck in your game? I share how I use it in mine.)
Interested? See Submissions! Link for details on submissions.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Crawl! no. 10 Update

I have to apologize, I've been lagging. Some life changes in my household (Ladyfriend is starting business, and I'm part of it.) Plus major releases coming from Goodman Games have been taking up most of my time (I've been editing some pretty big projects.) But whenever I can, I've been writing and working on the next issues of Crawl! And another Straycouches Press zine that you may or may not find interesting (I hope you find it interesting...)

Until then, here's a teaser of what you will find in No. 10:

Halfling Burglars (by Mario Torres)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spellburn and Fanzines!

The honorable judges over at Spellburn got me blushing again with their kind words. And they chat about the other zines available for DCC RPG!
Yes, there are more PRINT zines available for DCC RPG than any other RPG. And they're all awesome. Yes, the fanzine scene is awesome!
Go check out the latest episode, now!

Two new zines (not by me!), and an updated reprint of an older one are now available!

Crawling Under A Broken Moon is the newest zine for DCC RPG. It's a campaign setting loosely based on post apocalyptic world of Thundarr the Barbarian!

  • It includes tips on running a fantasy flavored post-apocalyptic campaign. 
  • A new class, the Technologist--whose use of science is power! 
  • It includes an abbreviated version of my Firearms rules. 
  • A bunch of monsters, including an Alien Lobster! 
  • And a shop that specializes in deadly fashions!

Crawljammer! Number 2 is available!

  • No. 2 continues the space crawling setting, with random space encounters, such as Moon Octopi. 
  • Another new character class, the Technomancer--combining science and sorcery. 
  • Along with three new spells.
  • Hail Bob's, a seedy space bar full of vagabonds and exotic cocktails.
  • And another complete adventure, this time on the Red Planet! 

No. 1 has a fresh look. It's been redesigned by +Matt Hildebrand, who also did my Crawl no.1 re-design. And it looks awesome.

All zines are available in print, directly from their creators! If you like zines, you can't go wrong.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Three Quick Shout Outs!

Get ready to throw your money at the following:

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG World Tour 2014!:

The folks at Goodman Games are at it again and trying to raise some funds to support their DCC RPG 2014 World Tour! The goal is to produce some new swag to support public game. Last year's swag was awesome. Let's help them go even bigger! Do it!:

Crawljammer No. 1!

A new print zine for DCC RPG! And it's awesome. It's focused on a pulp-style space-crawling campaign. It includes the cosmology of the space setting and how to run adventures in the ether of space, a new character class and an adventure that features the planet Venus! Genius, and just plain F'n cool.

I'm going to steal the ship combat for my nautical themed issue...

Get it in Print &/or PDF here:

Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad no. 1

Oh man. This too is SOOO GOOD! Honestly, DCC RPG is winning when it comes to fan-created supplements, especially in the form of zines.

This guy is also a setting, but centered on the city of Ur-hadad. It includes a background of the setting and the city. It also has random "assassin" generator of sorts, being that assassins are "illegal" in Ur-Hadad. A full 0-level funnel, where the PCs start off as street kids and have to deal with random gangs, and a "plug-in" encounter scenario, designed to fit in an existing dungeon.

Get it in Print &/or PDF here:

It's all very inspiring stuff! I'm envious and excited for these projects. I've got to get working on no. 10...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Crawl! no.9, Available Now!

Print+PDF: Buy it HERE and get the PDF Immediately! (Or Buy Now!)
PDF Only: Buy now! (also on RPGnow)

No. 9 will be made available in all the other usual places as soon as possible!
Crawl! no.9: The Arwich Grinder

The Curwen Family have lived up among the pine woods on the outskirts of Arwich Village for as long as the oldest village gaffers can remember. The beautiful Bessie Curwen’s bonnet is found in a strange creature’s grasp. The village owes much to her family, so someone must go up into the dark pine-clad hills to make sure that the Curwens are all right. After all, the Curwens saved the village from starvation two winters ago. If you do not go, who will?

The Arwich Grinder is a Lovecraftean 0-level funnel for the DCC RPG written by Daniel J. Bishop.

What in the name of heaven or hell could be happening up there?

Also included, But He Sure Had Guts!, a gruesome short encounter.

Art by Mario T.

Maps by Sean Poppe

Thursday, January 16, 2014

New fancy form to make digital (PDF) edition requests

For those that get print copies, and want to also get a PDF, please use the following form. The previous method (of emailing me) was clunky, analog and sloppy. Hopefully this makes it a bit more automatic, especially for those with subscriptions. Hopefully...

Visit: or page through:

Official DCC RPG 14 dice-set Kickstarter

Pretty much official, but it needs funding!

I'm in for $40. Which gives me 2 complete sets and a couple extra. Your first complete set can be had for $22, but if you're smarty-mathy, you'll notice additional complete sets of 14 DCC RPG dice can be had for $16. So you can team up with others and get a bunch of sets!