Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Crawl! pdfs...

...are starting to show up!
Crawl! no.1 PDF edition

at The d20pfsrd Shop:


and RPGnow:


Crawl! number one (the first issue) is already up for a super introductory price of $1.75 (half off the printed edition). You can buy the Van den Danderclanden special, by itself, for only a buck. 

Note: if you want to support those d20 SRD sites, and purchase my zines from them (and until it is fixed) buy the Crawl fanzine "bundle", which includes No.1 and the Van den Danderclanden special. It's already bundled on the RPGnow site.

Each following issue will be released every day until Crawl! No.6: Classic Class Collection gets released this weekend!

Van den Danderclanden Special

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